Ashore, aboard, we'll reach the Gold.


We serve shipping interests from Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, the Middle East, Greece and North America. Our breadth of experience in dealing with different cultures has proven to be a distinct advantage.


Our Fleet

Class of Vessels Tonnage (GRT)
Bulk Carriers & General Cargo Vessels Capesize 370,144
Handysize 313,426
Small Tonnage 7,350
Tankers FSOs 236,638
Product Tankers 251,964
Coastal Taiwan 65,952
Total 1,245,474

Our manned vessels fly Hong Kong, Marshall Islands, Panama, Philippines and R.O.C. flags, trading mostly worldwide.

97.84% of these vessels (i.e., built after the year 2000) have an average age of 4.33 years.

25% of the tonnage (or, 38.46% of the total number) are manned by Full-Filipino crew. The rest are mixed crewing of Filipinos with Bulgarians, Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese such that the other nationalities comprise no more than 30 per cent of the vessel’s crew on the average.

As of this writing, there are roughly 400 crew on board and 200 crew on standby.

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