Ashore, aboard, we'll reach the Gold.



2Our Seafarers will always strive to provide excellent service on any task they undertake. They are more than just competent. They are also conscious of both safety and the environment.

It is our belief that only men of this calibre can provide guarantees with regards to seaworthiness and smooth operation of the ships we man. Principals can thus be assured that their vessels shall be well cared for.

IMG_0223In addition, we ensure quality service by fostering health consciousness and professionalism with Seafarers and the Principal. The company gives emphasis not only on discipline but also on physical well-being. This will ensure that Seafarers perform their task in a safe and efficient manner when they are on board.

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Business Pro

We provide only the best service in fleet management.

Premier Ship Agency

We can act as owner's protective agents to serve vessels calling Manila and other Philippine ports.

Our Extra-Mile

Our crew will always take care of your fleet and strive to provide excellent service on every task they undertake.

Excellent Support

Through the years, our staff imbibe the culture and work ethic of Intermodal.