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Crew Management



The Operations Department, ably manned by seasoned Master Mariners and Chief Engineers experienced in different types of vessels, handle Seafarer recruitment, screening, selection, training and development.They are assisted by Support Staff with years of experience in their responsibilities.


We have nurtured a pool of seafarers who have satisfied our Principals and remained loyal to us through the years.

However, in recognition of the need to inject new blood into the system and of the increasing fleet of our Principals, our Recruitment staff has developed an extensive network of connections for sourcing candidates. In the future, as may be needed, we shall establish branches in Cebu, Iloilo and Davao.


We monitor and assess the training needs of Seafarers and refer them only to training centers accredited by Intermodal.

We have a standing Memorandum of Agreement with the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy for officer development. In the future, agreements with other maritime schools shall be established to cater to Principals’ specific requirements.

We believe that training is reinforced by constant reminders.

Various informational material are posted in office and videos on topics as Seamanship, Electrical Systems, Bunkering, Mooring and Work Related Injuries are shown while Seafarers transact business with our staff.


Pre-Employment Medical Examination (PEME) is carried out only by reputable medical clinics accredited by Intermodal in satisfaction of strict health standards and related international conventions.

But inasmuch as health is a going concern, we have enhanced the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) to include topics on Health & Safety, Food Safety and Handling. This is, of course, in addition to specific Principals’ requirements and Financial Management.

Getting the Extra Mile:

We maintain Personalized Service to Seafarers and their families. Our Seafarers are well acquainted with every Employee and our Employees maintain pleasant rapport with them.

We ensure that our Seafarers have the financial peace of mind while working on board. Cash advances are granted to embarking Seafarers. Home and special allotments are always paid on time.

We ensure that our Seafarers are well taken care of and protected if repatriated for medical reasons. We visit them from time to time when confined at the hospital and coordinate closely with local P&I correspondents and doctors.

Information Technology:

We are in the process of migrating to web-based systems which will enable crewing managers to access crew information 24/7 wherever they may be and respond to emergencies immediately. Started this March 2013 with expected completion by early next year, the project will involve systems for crewing, allotment payroll, billing and books of accounts.

ISO 9001 and MLC Certifications:

We are also in the process of re-establishing our ISO 9001 certification and expect this to be completed by year’s end. Soon as this is done, we shall proceed with MLC certification.

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Our crew will always take care of your fleet and strive to provide excellent service on every task they undertake.

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We can act as owner's protective agents to serve vessels calling Manila and other Philippine ports.

Our Extra-Mile

Our crew will always take care of your fleet and strive to provide excellent service on every task they undertake.

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Through the years, our staff imbibe the culture and work ethic of Intermodal.