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What we are today? We let our seafarers and clients speak about us.


C/Engr Elicanal, Vacationing Crew from Tanker Fleet
I am C/E Edwin P. Elicanal of Intermodal Shipping and I have been working for this company for 15 years. I still choose to be a part of this prestigious company until I reach my retiring age. The company has given me the boost in my career and I have reached the peak of my

C/Mate Galigao, Vacationing Crew from Tanker Fleet
I have worked with Intermodal for the last 6 years and I have stayed with this company because I found professionalism, good wages, family support and friendly atmosphere. More Testimonials
2/Mate Molinyawe of M/T New Challenge
I, Mr. Rommel B. Molinyawe, presently serving as Sr. 2nd Officer on board MT New Challenge expresses my greatest thanks to Intermodal. From the staff in the office to my colleagues on board, all have been very professional and helpful to me. Since I was first employed by Intermodal on 13th April 1993 up to

Capt. Saludez of M/T New Challenge
With regards to Intermodal as manning agency, I have experienced personalized service. Office staff are courteous and professional in dealing with seafarers regardless of rank. They have the expertise and experience in handling crew matters whether it is documentation, crew relief and other requirements. I’d like to think of Intermodal as a family oriented company.

Capt. Ibanez, M/V Franbo Wind
1. Their relationship with people in the office: Easy to approach. Enhances well-being of the crew. Legitimate shipping agency composed of well-respected managers and staff. 2. Assistance extended to the crew: Inspires officers and Senior Officers to discipline, order and sense of responsibility to the lower ranks. Motivates and evaluates lower rank for next higher

Capt. Estella of M/V Tuscarora Belle
Here’s my feedback of the good shipping company – the Intermodal Shipping, Inc. – where I have worked for 7 years now since November 2004. 1. The relationship with people in the office is very cordial, easy to approach. 2. Assistance to crew’s family in cases such as medical assistance for Philhealth and Healthcare are

C/Engr Tarre of M/V Seneca Maiden
Most Intermodal Office staffs are all approachable and very friendly to all officers and crew. It is seldom to find in any other company that when the crew reports to the office they can approach directly the person in-charge without any delays. Mostly with other companies, they are using due process by submitting appointment slips

Capt. Moreno of M/V Seneca Maiden
I am proud to tell everyone that such a company like Intermodal is a very rare company to find nowadays. The way they treat the officers and crew is really one of the most unforgettable part of your seafaring career you will ever experience. They will consider you as a member of the family. That’s

Officers and Crew of M/V Nanticoke Belle
1. Every body agreed that the people in Intermodal show professionalism. They are approachable and friendly that you feel welcome anytime. 2. In case of needs, you can ask for assistance either moral or financial support. 3. Our colleagues on board were all screened prior to joining any vessel to make sure that they are

Capt. Sargento of M/V Miami Maiden
I have been serving in Intermodal since way back in 1998. I was a 2/Mate the first time I was engaged with them. They have very kind and approachable staff who are very easy to be with. They have friendly and well-disciplined ship’s crew. They have a good strategic way in hiring good crew. Most


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